The KIB board

The board of KIB is a group of committed students of the KULeuven who are the driving force behind the many activities, events and trips of the KIB. It is engaged in establishing and maintaining contacts with professors, journalists and other experts as to invite them to Leuven to come and speak about current international developments. It is also concerned with the practical arrangements behind the trips and activities, keeping up and opening good communication with students and fellow student organizations and the publication of its own magazine, Global.

The board is renewed at the beginning of every academic year and it is always interested in welcoming new board member with new refreshing ideas and perspectives. If you are interested in becoming a board member, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Wout Robijns (°1992) is a Belgian student at the University of Leuven. He studies Political Science and is mainly interested in international relations. Wout loves a good beer, a good dinner and above all good company. He can talk for hours about films, which he often watches during the small hours of the night. As president of the KIB, he tries not to be a dictator.

Tim Christiaens (°1992) is a Belgian student at the Catholic University of Leuven. Tim is currently enrolled in the Research Master of Philosophy and the Master of Comparative and international politics. His theoretical interests are mainly in political theory with a special fascination for Michel Foucault, Giorgio Agamben, Theodor Adorno and others. Besides philosophy and politics, Tim likes reading, writing, and hiking. As editor of Global, he tries hard to be a dictator.

Massimiliano Simons (°1992) is a Belgian student currently enrolled in a Master of Sociology at the Catholic University of Leuven, after finishing a Master of Philosophy last year. His main approach to political topics is from the perspective of a philosophy and sociology of culture, supplemented by a mainly historical approach. Besides politics and culture, he has a profound interest in the history and philosophy of science, especially irrelevant pseudosciences. As editor-in-chief of Global, Massimiliano’s decisions overrule Tim’s.

Johan Van den Brande (°1989) is a Belgian student enrolled at a Master of Comparative and International politics. His main field of study is European Politics, but he is interested in most things that are vaguely related to foreign affairs. He is the public relations manager of the KIB and is a workaholic with a good sense of humour. In the past he was the bass player of a more or less famous band and he will never stop boring you with stories of his former life as a rock star.

Laurence Bielen (°1995) is a Belgian student currently enrolled at the KU Leuven. She pursues a bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences. Previously she has lived in France and the U.S. and has a genuine interest in international politics. At the KIB she supports the PR team and the Event Management team.

Arthur Nieuwland (°1990) is not a Belgian student, yet he is enrolled at KU Leuven. His interests in international relations mainly relate to conflicts such as in Ukraine or between China and its neighbours. He has an international outlook, which might come from him having Swiss, German and Indonesian family. His responsibilities are maintaining the website and helping out organizing events.

Lars Stollenwerk is currently enrolled in the master of History at the KU Leuven. Now in his second year in the KIB-board, he hopes to continue the development of both the KIB and himself to scale new heights. Lars has an unbridled passion for international politics and late night conversations about a wide range of subjects. He has a lifelong love for scouting, which reflects in his eagerness to discover the world and make new friends. As vice-president, Lars tries his hardest to help Wout to survive his presidency.

Stijn Vandeperre (°1991) is part of the Public Relations team of the KIB and will lead its football team to everlasting glory. After finishing his bachelor degree in History, he lost himself in Political Sciences, more precisely in a master in European Politics and Political Economy. Consequently, his major interest lies in the economic and financial perspective of international relations. In his spare time Stijn runs a youth club and plays football. Furthermore, he’s a real concert geek who loves and enjoys specialty beers.

Joachim Staes (°1992) is a student at the Catholic University of Leuven. He has a master’s degree in History. As financial manager, his job is to overlook the accountancy of the KIB. Joachim is interested in sports, history and international relations, especially geopolitical conflicts and development in the Middle-East and Asia. As buddy for the Buddy Program of the K.U.Leuven he helps foreign students settle in Leuven.

Mona Vera (°1995) is a Belgian student at the KULeuven. She studies Law and is mainly interested in European and International Law. She’s hoping to do a specialization in Human Rights. She loves jogging, reading, travelling, learning languages and meeting new people. This summer she worked as a volunteer with kids in a favella in Brazil. At the KIB she’s part of the Event Management team and the PR team.

Andrea Stamp (°1994) is a Belgian student at the KULeuven, where she studies communication sciences. With Romanian as well as German roots, she perfectly reflects the international character of the KIB. As a member of the PR-and event-team, Andrea helps out with launching and promoting the events of the KIB. She’s also a member of the subsidy commission of LOKO. In her spare time she enjoys reading, going to concerts, city tripping and keeping up with what’s current in the world.

Jan Vanlommel (°1988) is a Belgian ex-student of Philosophy who is currently taking a break to pursue his musical goals. His main interests regarding international relations are environmental issues which he tries to approach from an anthropological point of view. When he's not helping his colleagues of the board he is developing his interests in culture at large and unpopular music in specific. Don't buy him a beer, it's better to offer him a nice cup'a tea.

Geertrui De Samblanx (°1992) is a Belgian student currently enrolled in a Master of History. In KIB she is responsible for the creative side of things, such as our promotion stand, because international politics should not be all about crisis and disaster. But first and foremost she tries to ‘greenify’ KIB, literally. If the decision was hers, all the logo’s should be in green.

Ben Eersels (°1992) is currently working on a PhD in Medieval History at the KU Leuven. He researches how common people in the late middle ages influenced urban politics in a peaceful way. At the KIB, Ben is part of the Event team. Furthermore, he loves enjoying a beer (or two), reading and hanging out with friends. He also claims that he’s a decent volleyball player, but that still has to be proven.

Thomas Thielemans — A Belgian student finishing a Master of Comparative and International politics at the University of Leuven, after obtaining a Bachelor in Journalism. His main field of study is Security & Defence, peacekeeping and the rule of law. Thomas likes photography, a variety of sports and alternative cinema. He is the newbie of the KIB, his main job is to drive Wout & co from pillar to post.

Silke Gillis (°1993) is a Belgian student at the KULeuven. She is currently enrolled in a Master of History, and as part of this programme recently spent half a year as an Erasmus student at the University of Uppsala, studying Holocaust and Genocide Studies. At the KIB, she ventilates her interest for international politics as an editor of Global. Being interested in social mechanisms, she implements peacekeeping strategies to prevent Tim and Massimiliano making the Global department an institutional nightmare with dictatorial tendencies. A disarming enthusiasm and spontaneity are her weapons of choice.